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1. Watch 131 years of warming in 26 seconds

(h/t Climate Central)

2. Photos: 10 ways to hang your bike like a work of art

(h/t Treehugger)

Also check out our more practical photoessay about how people actually store their bikes.

3. Photos: The coolest looking, least practical bike helmet

(h/t Grist)

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  • 4. Hi! I’m a nutria!

    (h/t The New York Times)

    5. The most beautiful illegal treehouse you’ve ever seen

    (h/t Grist)

    6. Infographic: Can bike commuting save the world?

    (h/t Sustainable Business Oregon)

    7. Infographic: The end of fish, in one chart

    (h/t The Washington Post)

    8. Infographic: Not your parents’ American Dream

    (h/t GOOD magazine)

    9. 23 1/2 minutes: The single best thing you can do for your health

    (h/t Doc Mike Evans)

    10. Northern lights over Alaska

    (h/t Alaska Dispatch)