Seattle-area parents and other caregivers may now bring open strollers aboard King County Metro buses, something that Sightline suggested in these posts. By allowing wee ones’ wheels on its buses, Metro has shown it wants to be a family-friendly transit agency.  However, to keep up with other Cascadian transit agencies, there’s more work ahead.

Metro’s new stroller policy states open strollers are allowed to board buses. The bus driver will lower the ramp or lift if requested. But once boarded, you must unpack the stroller, collapse it if possible, and hold your child. Thought you could make that sweet, silent nap last through the bus ride? Think again.

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  • To make it easier for stroller-wielding caregivers to ride transit, Metro could look to nearby Sound Transit or Vancouver, BC’s TransLink agencies. Both make sure toting toddlers is easy and well-defined: open strollers are allowed on most buses and trains, but there are stroller size limitations and clear priorities for boarding – disabled or senior riders come first.

    So while we’re happy to see Metro is stepping up its considerations for its littlest passengers—not to mention their caregivers—a few more guidelines could make Metro a national example in family-friendly transit.