We jump for joy, and may even leap when we (triumphantly) reach the top of a tough hike. We also take a leap when we enter into exciting new territory. Odds are that while you don’t know what the rewards will be, you know they will be great.

It’s kind of like becoming a donor to Sightline, where you can watch your gift transform into smart research, user-friendly graphics and reports, and real policy wins for a sustainable Northwest.

On May 6, Sightline is participating in GiveBIG with thousands of other Seattle-area nonprofits. It’s a day of giving hosted by The Seattle Foundation, and your gift will go a little further that day. If you’re a fan of Sightline, May 6 is the perfect chance to take the leap and help support our suite of Northwest-focused sustainability research, news, and reporting.

Here are five simple reasons why you should GiveBIG on May 6:

For one, it’s a challenge. GiveBIG lasts only one day: May 6 from 12:01am to 11:59pm. After that, it’s kaput. Last year, this day of giving raised over $47 million dollars for hundreds of nonprofits; Sightline received over $40,000 from our rock-star supporters and the Seattle Foundation’s stretch pool. That’s a lot of people contributing to a sustainable future.

Two: Your gift will be stretched. The gifts you make on May 6 (through our Seattle Foundation page) will have an even bigger impact. Thanks to an additional pool of money provided by The Seattle Foundation and other sponsors, the more funds we raise during GiveBIG, the higher percentage of the stretch pool we get.

  • Our work is made possible by the generosity of people like you!

    Thanks to Marc Loran for supporting a sustainable Cascadia.

  • …and stretched. Generous Sightline donors Kate Janeway and Howard Wright III have volunteered to match every gift of the first $1,000 raised on May 6. Give early, and your gift is automatically doubled, in the time it takes to click a button.

    Three: The Golden Ticket. Throughout the day, donors will be picked at random and their chosen nonprofit will receive an extra $1,000 from GiveBIG. The donor—maybe you?—will also receive a prize from one of GiveBIG’s many sponsors. The more of you who make a gift, and the earlier you make it, the better Sightline’s chances of nabbing a golden ticket.

    Four: A gift to Sightline is a gift to our region, supporting innovative research, smart long-term solutions, and communication tools used by thousands of citizens and leaders to protect our environment and ensure economic prosperity for all.

    Five: We need your support to keep this work going strong, and GiveBIG is an easy way to have an even bigger impact. If you’ve been reading Sightline and like our work, mark your calendar and make sure May 6 is the day you become a donor to Sightline.

    Take the leap with us!