The Northwest is full of champions, from our winning sports teams, to the masses of sustainably minded and socially aware folks who populate our evergreen cities and towns. These heroes work to make our communities dynamic and equitable. We are grateful for the chance to team up with so many smart, committed friends who champion our shared cause to make the Northwest a global model of sustainability. It’s people like YOU, our dedicated readers, supporters, and allies, who make Sightline’s work possible.

GiveBIG’s Day of Champions is the perfect time for you to join forces with thousands of donors across the region and support Sightline’s sustainability research, communications tools, and news service. Save the date and give to Sightline here on Tuesday, May 5 in order to have your gift amplified.

Curiosity piqued? In case you’re wondering…

What is GiveBIG?

During this one-day drive, your gift to Sightline, through the Seattle Foundation website, will have an even greater impact, thanks to a partial match from The Seattle Foundation’s stretch pool of funds. Thousands of nonprofits will participate, and the more money that Sightline raises from donors like you, the higher percentage of the overall stretch pool we will earn.

How do I give?

Simply visit Sightline’s page on the Seattle Foundation website here between midnight and midnight on May 5 and click donate.

Why donate during GiveBIG?

GiveBIG is the perfect time to donate to Sightline for a few reasons:

  • It’s Seattle’s biggest day of giving.

    GiveBIG lasts just one day. Last year, GiveBIG raised nearly 13 million dollars for local non-profits, with over 64,000 gifts made. It’s an inspiring showing of generosity to be a part of.

  • Your gift will be s t r e t c h e d.

    Your donation dollars will go even further, thanks to a special pool of money raised by the Seattle Foundation and other sponsors. The more funds that Sightline raises during GiveBIG through our Seattle Foundation page, the more of this pool we will get.

  • The Golden Ticket.

    Throughout the day, donors will be selected at random and their chosen nonprofit will receive an extra $1,000 from GiveBIG. The donor will also receive a prize from one of the GiveBIG sponsors. Simply give to Sightline and you’ll be entered to win a golden ticket.

Why give to Sightline?

Did you know that Sightline is a nonprofit? All of the info-packed articles that you read on our blog, the email news services you receive, and our policy advocacy is funded by readers like you! We need your support to keep this work going.

Do you reference Sightline’s research on carbon pricing? Perhaps you’ve shared an article or two of ours on traffic trends or oil train safety. If you’ve found any of our work, on subjects from coal finance to family friendly cities, to be helpful and informative, I encourage you to make a gift to Sightline during GiveBIG.

A gift to Sightline is a gift to your region at large. You have a chance to support the innovative research, long-term policy solutions, and communication tools used by thousands of citizens and leaders working on our region’s most critical issues. We need your help to keep the research streaming for smart, sustainable changes in the Northwest and beyond.

GiveBIG is an easy way to be a champion of Sightline—to further your impact and make an even bigger difference in your community. If you’ve been reading Sightline and like our work, mark your calendar and be sure that May 5 is the day that you show your support and donate to Sightline.

May 1, 2015