As a Sightline reader, you understand that we are all in this place together, sharing its burdens and benefits, rising or falling together. And thanks to you, Cascadia—and Sightline—continue to find solutions together. Over the past year, we’ve seen fossil fuel export projects get rejected one after another along our coast, democracy reforms rolling forward, policies taking shape that support equitable growth in our urban centers, and Sightline’s own audience and media coverage continuing to set new records.

Your readership, in addition to donations from our hundreds of donors, makes all this possible. We need your support to keep this work going. Today, May 10th, Sightline—along with hundreds of other Seattle-area nonprofits—is participating in GiveBIG, the Seattle Foundation’s annual 24-hour giving event.

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    Thanks to Thomas & Celine Gihring for supporting a sustainable Cascadia.

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    Want more incentive? Here are three simple reasons why you should GiveBIG to Sightline today:

    One: Be part of the community

    GiveBIG is a one-day-only online giving event to raise funds for nonprofit organizations serving Greater Seattle. Each year hundreds of nonprofits participate, sourcing millions of dollars from their local communities. Last year, over 45,000 individuals contributed more than 22 million dollars for their local nonprofits. It’s an inspiring showing of generosity to be a part of, and a great way to contribute to a sustainable future.

    Two: Dollars for Change

    Throughout the day, some lucky donors—maybe you?— will be picked at random and their chosen nonprofit will receive an extra $2,500 boost from Seattle Foundation’s Dollars for Change program. The more of you who make a gift, and the earlier you make it, the better Sightline’s chances are of securing an extra $2,500 today.

    Three: You can make sustainability possible

    A gift to Sightline is a gift to your region at large. You have a chance to support the innovative research, long-term policy solutions, and communication tools used by thousands of citizens and leaders working on our region’s most critical issues. We need your help to keep the research streaming for smart, sustainable changes in the Northwest and beyond.

    Can Sightline count on you to help us create smart solutions for a sustainable Northwest? GiveBIG today to Sightline and watch your gift transform into smart research, user-friendly graphics and reports, and real policy wins for a sustainable Northwest.

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