Next Friday Sightline housing researcher Margaret Morales will speak on a panel at the Build Small Live Large Summit in Portland. Her presentation will focus on eliminating policy barriers to building backyard cottages and mother-in-law units in Cascadia. Municipal regulations restrict the development of these housing types, ultimately impeding a housing solution to both affordability and growth management issues. Margaret will join other housing experts on a panel to discuss land use regulations, fees, and permitting standards that restrict accessory dwelling unit (ADU) development, and share viable solutions to knock down these barriers. Panelists include:

  • Margaret Morales, Sightline Institute
  • Madeline Kovacs, Portland for Everyone
  • Eli Spevak, Orange Splot, LLC
  • Harriet Tregoning, Former Office of Community Planning and Development, U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development

Event: Knocking Down Walls

Check out our research on ADUs and tiny homes below: