Last year at this time, the mood amongst our staff and our community was bleak to say the least. Like you I’m sure, the post-election haze at times seemed too dense to stand upright. In addition to unexpected (an understatement!) political shifts, the weather in Cascadia was no friend of the weary. We were about to enter what turned out to be the sixth wettest winter on record.

But at Sightline, we keep our heads up, focusing on our ever-critical mission to make the Northwest a global model of sustainability. Our shared vision of a region with strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment is the fuel (renewable and green, of course) that keeps us running during the times that seem darkest.

Although the outlook on the US national front can still seem bleak, we in Cascadia, and at Sightline, have been rising to the challenge.

Whether it’s Eric de Place being invited to speak on threats from next-generation fracked fuels at the Coast Salish Gathering—a round table of Washington Tribes and British Columbia First Nations of the Salish Sea; or Keiko Budech helping lead our visual storytelling project Seattle Neighbors, designed to share the tales of Seattle residents that reinforce diversity and inclusion as city values core to our quest for equity and affordability; or Kristin Eberhard working with a diverse coalition of partners to help the city of Portland implement Open and Accountable Elections Portland, the public finance program we helped design—Sightline has been stoking the fires of sustainability and working hard on the issues you care about.

Sightline exists—and is able to maintain this kind of focus and tenacity on issues that matter—because of support from community members like YOU: engaged individuals who value the facts. Today marks the beginning of our Fall Fund drive. It’s a time when we ask you and our many other readers and friends to support Sightline’s innovative research, long-term solutions, and communication tools. Your generosity puts our work in the hands of thousands of citizens and leaders, enabling them to better protect our environment and ensure economic prosperity for all.

Yes! I want to invest in a sustainable Northwest.

If over the past year you have enjoyed fresh insights from our research, receiving Sightline Daily headlines every morning, used our maps and graphics, or attended any of our speaking events, please make a gift to support our work.

(Or maybe you’re already a Sightline donor and you’re ready to reinvest in our shared work to create a sustainable Northwest. Whatever your situation, now is the time to give!)

A gift to Sightline is a gift to our region.

What can we accomplish together in 2018 and beyond?

November 9, 2017