Can we build our way out of this housing crisis? How do we define affordability? What is the impact of foreign investments on the housing market? And how do cities avoid becoming places for the wealthy few?

To cap KCRW-WNYC’“There Goes the Neighborhood” podcast season, Sightline’s executive director Alan Durning joined other housing experts to discuss solutions to high housing costs and gentrification in Los Angeles and beyond. The panel discussion was recorded live at the Los Angeles Central Library on November 15 and was moderated by “Press Play” host Madeleine Brand. Listen to the full episode here or below.

Sara Hernandez, Land-use attorney at DLA Piper
Alan Durning, Executive director and founder of Sightline Institute
Isela Gracian, President of the East LA Community Corporation
Damien Goodmon, Founder and executive director of the nonprofit Crenshaw Subway Coalition and director of Housing is a Human Right

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  • Don’t have time to listen to the whole episode? Listen to this six-minute clip where “Press Play” producer Anna Scott shares highlights from the event.

    And check out Alan’s “Yes, You Can Build Your Way to Affordable Housing” article for more information about housing lessons learned from cities around the world, including Houston, Tokyo, Vienna, and Montreal.