In November, Sightline housing researcher Margaret Morales spoke on a panel at the Build Small Live Large Summit in Portland. Her presentation focused on eliminating policy barriers to building backyard cottages and mother-in-law units in Cascadia.

State and local regulations restrict the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), ultimately impeding the development of a housing solution that helps affordability and growth-management issues. In the video below, panelists discuss land-use regulations, fees, and permitting standards that restrict ADU development, and share politically viable solutions to knock down these barriers. (Margaret’s remarks begin at the 2:35 mark.)

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  • Panelists include: Margaret Morales, Sightline Institute; Madeline Kovacs, Portland for Everyone; Eli Spevak, Orange Splot, LLC; and Harriet Tregoning, Former Office of Community Planning and Development, US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    You can also view Margaret’s complete slide deck here(View Madeline Kovac’s slides here and Harriet Tregoning’s slides here.)

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