The conversation shared below was part of the YIMBYtown 2022 conference, cohosted by Sightline Institute and Portland: Neighbors Welcome.*

Mike Kingsella, chief executive officer of Up for Growth, and Taylor Smiley-Wolfe, board member of Up for Growth Action, gave a crash course in federal legislative and executive strategies for abundant housing. Up for Growth has found bipartisan support for YIMBY ideas in the nation’s capital. They have also found bipartisan opposition.

The first portion of this video is their presentation and covers the spectrum of bills and policy proposals active in Washington, DC. The remainder covers audience discussion and, unfortunately, much of it is inaudible. (It was early in the conference, and we hadn’t yet worked out microphone protocol.)

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    *YIMBYtown 2022 occurred April 11–13 in Portland, Oregon, the fourth annual gathering (after some COVID delays) of “Yes in My Back Yard” (YIMBY) community leaders, organizers, planners, policymakers, educators, and housing providers eager to share resources and strategies for building more affordable, sustainable, and equitable communities.