The conversation shared below was part of the YIMBYtown 2022 conference, cohosted by Sightline Institute and Portland: Neighbors Welcome.*

How do we work with existing environmental organizations to build interest and support for policies that simultaneously support housing abundance and low-carbon communities? Members of this YIMBYtown 2022 panel shared success stories of collaborating with and empowering environmental and climate organizations to become allies in the effort to build more sustainable and equitable neighborhoods. 

The panel featured: 

“The Sunrise [Movement] cared about this work because we knew that in order to create just and sustainable future that we want to see, that we all want to live in in our community, we need dense housing that gives access to transportation and has a low carbon impact.” Anna Kemper 

“If you’re an elected official and you get support from the environmental community and you consider yourself an environmentalist, you better be pro-housing abundance, because if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong.” Jesse Piedfort 

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  • “Housing retention is climate work.” Jackie Kirouac-Fram 

    *YIMBYtown 2022 occurred April 11–13 in Portland, Oregon, the fourth annual gathering (after some COVID delays) of “Yes in My Back Yard” (YIMBY) community leaders, organizers, planners, policymakers, educators, and housing providers eager to share resources and strategies for building more affordable, sustainable, and equitable communities.