Facts from the book Stuff. Match the left column with the right; answers are below.

1. Car A. It can take 700 gallons of water to make.
2. Bicycle B. The world’s second largest legal export commodity (after oil).
3. Cheeseburger C. The leading killer of Americans ages 2 to 24.
4. Newsprint D. The U.S. consumes 40 percent of the world supply.
5. This book E. 120 pounds.
6. Coffee F. The most efficient transport vehicle ever invented.
7. Aluminum G. So energy intensive it is called “congealed electricity.”
8. Computer chip H. Making it generates 4,500 times its weight in waste.
9. Cotton I. 93 percent postconsumer waste.
10. What the average American consumes daily J. 10 percent of world pesticides used on it.

Answers: 1-c, 2-f, 3-a, 4-d, 5-I, 6-b, 7-g, 8-h, 9-j, 10-e

March 7, 1997