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Our Chance at a Clean, Green Economy

In the wake of the economic crisis and the historic election, Sightline’s executive director talks about the unique opportunity facing Cascadia. One path to economic recovery? Green-collar jobs and efficient, effective climate policy that is fair to all. Read more »

Podcast: Putting a Price on Carbon

Sightline’s Clark Williams-Derry explains how putting a price on carbon will help us reduce energy consumption. By unhitching our economy from the fossil fuel roller coaster, we can create jobs in local communities, clean the air, and boost our economy. Read more »

Podcast: Energy Efficiency: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Sightline’s Cascadia Scorecard energy indicator reveals that our region is lagging most in the area of energy use. Sightline’s Clark Williams-Derry explains how tools we already have–like caulk guns, efficient cars, and high-efficiency furnaces–may be the technological “silver bullet” for reducing our energy consumption. Read more »

Sightline Video: Your Way on the Highway

Traffic congestion is a fact of urban life. But what if you could have it on your terms? This video from Sightline might help you envision a commute that works for you. Read more »

Measure 37 video: Mining in a National Monument

In Oregon, Measure 37–a so-called “property rights” initiative that passed in 2004–is paving the way for irresponsible development around the state, including at one of the state’s most-treasured national monuments–Newberry Crater National Monument. Fishing resort owner David Jones tells the story. Read more »

No on Washington’s I-933: What the Neighbors Could Do

Washington’s I-933 will pave the way for irresponsible development, huge costs to taxpayers, and an end to many commonsense protections. If you have an extra second, go to the YouTube version and rate it! For more information, see Two Years of Measure 37: Oregon’s Property Wrongs. Credits: Producer: Kurt Guenther Camerawoman: Megan Griffith Actors: Isobel Davis, Kate Guenther, Jack Guenther, Rick Martinez, John Roberts, Clark Williams-Derry

Read more »

Measure 37 video: And Fairness for None

Oregonians–including farmers, foresters, and small business owners–tell stories of how Measure 37 is threatening their livelihoods by paving the way for irresponsible development around the state. Read more »