The Aviva Canada insurance company is launching a 5,000-person test of Pay-as-You-Drive (PAYD) insurance in Ontario. Aviva is using a similar approach—plus technology licensed to it by-Progressive Insurance. Progressive is running a pilot of its own in Minnesota, as we noted in August.

Aviva’s Press Release says:

The program allows drivers to track their driving habits—how much,
where and how fast they drive—through a device installed in the vehicle. The information can then be downloaded to the driver’s home computer and submitted to the insurer to be used in calculating premiums. The driver has the choice of whether to submit the information or not.

The insurer says discounts will be offered where data warrants, up to a maximum of 25%. But anyone who does submit data will receive a minimum 5% discount just for participating.

Let’s make Cascadia next!

(Thanks to Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute for this. If anyone can find a direct link to Aviva’s information on this program, I’ll add it.)