The countdown has begun. Russia delivered its “instrument of ratification” of the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Secretary General today. So in 90 days, on February 16, Kyoto will be international law. Almost all of the world’s advanced economies—with one conspicuous exception—will formally begin the transition from the fossil fuel age to a clean energy future.

But don’t let the Flat Earth position of the federal government on global warming fool you. Major portions of the US, including states led by Republican and Democratic Governors, have begun to move toward climate solutions. The latest big step came today, when the Governors of the three West Coast States adopted a staff report calling for coast-wide adoption of stronger vehicle emission standards, goals, and timelines for reducing global warming pollution; and a market-based system for reducing greenhouse gases from power plants. And to the north, Canadian ministers affirmed their intent to join with California in building a bigger market for vehicles that dramatically reduce global warming pollution.

Cascadia can join the party, too. If you want to get involved with the Washington-based Clean Car campaign, email at Climate Solutions and we’ll get you on the list for campaign updates and action opportunities.