Eight years ago we released a little book called Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things. It reveals the hidden costs behind the objects in our daily lives, from the morning cup of coffee I’m drinking (the beans traveled 2,000+ miles from Costa Rica) to the computer I’m staring at (49 pounds of hazardous waste were generated during its manufacture).

Over the years, we’ve heard that Stuff has developed a powerful secret life of its own in curriculums, conferences, and communities across the continent. High-school students have used Stuff to explore consumption issues in teens’ lives, such as the video Think Twice; teachers and community educators have created curriculums around the life cycle of a sneaker; and dozens of organizations—ranging from book publishers to bike clubs—have excerpted it. There’s even a musical based on Stuff.

What have you done with Stuff? Help us create a library of ideas, links, and resources on Stuffby adding comments below about ways that you have used the book and concepts in your work or community.

In the meantime: Please watch your wake.