This Sunday begins daylight savings time, ushering in many months of longer evenings. Don’t you wish it could be like this more of the time?

It should be, argues David Prerau in a New York Times op-ed today. Originally conceived by Ben Franklin as a form of energy conservation (saving candles actually), it still has untapped potential to reduce electricity consumption, as well as improve our lives in other ways. According to Prerau, extending daylight savings time by a week or two in the spring and autumn:

can save us energy while also preventing traffic accidents, cutting crime, helping trick-or-treaters safely across the street, and providing millions of gardeners, softball players and backyard barbecuers an additional hour in the sun.

It’s worth a read.

UPDATE (4/7/05): The full US House of Representatives will likely soon vote on an energy bill that will contain a bi-partisan ammendment extending Daylight Savings Time by two months.