Talk about cultural creatives!

Via a blog reader, here’s a nifty story about a "landscape remixing" effort in San Francisco that illustrates a point we’ve long made in a small, powerful way.

Between noon and two on November 16, a collective called Rebar turned one of the city’s parking spaces into a small park. They fed the meter, rolled out some turf, put up a park bench and a tree, hung a sign, and encouraged people to hang out, read the paper, and enjoy the greenery that would usually be taken up by a vehicle. (Watch the slide show.)

Their aim was to:

"…transform a parking spot into a PARK(ing) space, thereby temporarily expanding the public realm and improving the quality of urban human habitat, at least until the meter ran out. By our calculations, we provided an additional 24,000 square-foot-minutes of public open space that Wednesday afternoon. "

We—and many others—have long talkedabout the disadvantages of devoting so much urban space to parking. Nice to see a visualization of the positive side of that coin. Is there a Rebar in Cascadia?