It’s a good day for sustainability news—which means tough choices for your Tidepool editor this morning.

Hanford takes center stage. Last night, 60 minutes featured an investigative report on the hair-raising financial and environmental problems of the nuclear waste site in Washington state. Additionally, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer offers an excellent package of stories exploring the issue. Both are worth a look.

Another great piece from the Seattle Times examines the frontier of sprawling Pugetopolis. Novelist and Californian T. Coraghessan Boyle offers his perspective on our energy conundrum. And the New York times considers the legacies of two great sustainability thinkers: urban planner Jane Jacobs and economist John Kenneth Galbraith.

In economic news: As you now, the health care industry continues to grow into one of the top employers in our region—and health care costs are an increasing burden on individuals and businesses. The Oregonian examines the mysteries of hospital costs, something many of us don’t think about.


Head’s up: This week, Idaho governor Dirk Kempthorne will face Congress for the Interior Secretary confirmation hearings. The Idaho Statesmen is running a series with a local perspective.

And, in case you’ve been checking the site webcasting the Hornby Island eagle’s nest I mentioned last week … the Vancouver Sun mistakenly reported that an egg hatched, which I relayed this  morning to Tidepool readers. The CTV reports that it was a false alarm.


P.S. The Tyee thinks taxes are sexy. I concur. And what about those alluring feebates? I’m blushing. More messaging like this, please!