Welcome to the 1970s. Nuclear energy is back. The Oregonian takes a look at the industry’s resurgence in TIDEPOOL‘s top story today. Additionally, The New York Times editorializes about the trend. Oddly enough, they take the new nuclear-industry PR campaign headed by former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman and B.C. environmental naysayer Patrick Moore as evidence that conservationists are finally coming around. Huh?

Some good news at the grassroots: A neighborhood campaign against air pollution that lasted more than 25 years comes to an end today when a San Francisco power plant closes for good. In Eastern Washington, the Yakama Nation is restoring salmon runs on the Kickitat River. And in Seattle, neighbors in the Central District have raised half-a-million dollars on their own initiative to clean up a city park. These are low-income communities, not typical hangouts for your stereotypical environmentalists.