Property Wrongsis Sightline’s new report on what other states can learn from Oregon’s experience with Measure 37. It tells six stories of communities that got stuck with the consequences.

Here’s one of the stories…

Molalla Lay farm -M 37After 50 years on the family farm, it’s time for Roy and Lois Lay to retire. And it’s about time: 87-year-old Ray is still pulling stumps on the property he loves, but he’s getting too old to continue working. The Lays had an offer, but the buyer pulled out when he discovered that the property next door had won a Measure 37 claim to operate a gravel mine. Now, the Lays can’t sell their farm. And their son, Scott, who can’t work on the farm because of a disability, is angry about what Measure 37 has done to his family’s well-being.

“I did vote for Measure 37,” Scott says. “But like a lot of people, I was not voting for what it has seemed to become.”

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