Property Wrongsis Sightline’s new report on what other states can learn from Oregon’s experience with Measure 37. It tells six stories of communities that got stuck with the consequences.

Here’s another story…

Jim and Sandy LeTourneux love forests and wildlife, but they’re not tree-huggers. They’re loggers. They run a timber farm in the forested Coast Range and they’ve been good stewards of the land—twice winning awards for wildlife conservation.

Yamhill Jim LeTourneux -M 37

But now the LeTourneux’s tree farm is nearly surrounded by some 850 acres of forest owned by a Measure 37 claimant—a developer who wants to build as many as 848 houses on 1-acre lots. The suburban-style houses would drastically increase the risk of fire in an area that’s scarcely served with fire protection.

“I’ve put a lifetime of work into putting in a timber resource,” says Jim. “Sandy and I could lose everything from a fire.”

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