I thought this was interesting. Here are some visual concepts for what Seattle’s waterfront might look like sans Alaska Way Viaduct, presented yesterday by University of Washington students in the urban design and planning program.






One of the more unusual ideas: a series of large greenhouses that would step down from Victor Steinbrueck Park to the aquarium. (Davila Parker-Garcia)

I have no idea if greenhouses would pencil out or be the best use of civic space. Still, I love the underlying notion that we should think broadly and creatively about what could replace the elevated highway as the face of downtown. And truth be told, I kind of like the idea of greenhouses, which gesture toward nearby Pike Place Market.

A few more ideas after the jump.

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    Somewhat more conventional, but certainly more practical, here’s a model of a hillside urban village that would include pedestrian plazas; community services, including a school; and housing. (Hannah McIntosh)


    An idea for a lid connecting Steinbrueck Park with the aquarium: this one includes a salt water swimming pool. (Alex Sandoval, pictured)


    Another sketch of the greenhouses. (Davila Parker-Garcia)