Looks like Oregon’s making its move:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski is backing a proposal that would force utilities to increase energy efficiency, increase their reliance on renewable energy and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

He said he would work with other Western states to discuss a regional program called cap-and-trade, but an initial program just within Oregon also is viable.

So it looks like Oregon is set to follow California’s lead: establishing aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals, and setting the stage for some hard-edged programs to meet those targets.  Of course, Oregon’s first step—tax incentives for ethanol and biodiesel—is fairly thin stuff.  But combined with a cap-and-trade program, it’s a much stronger brew.

So for now, it looks like Washington is the odd-state-out on the west coast.  California, BC, and Oregon are talking about big changes on the climate front—changes that will be far more powerful and effective if the entire region acts together.  But Washington, it seems, is getting left in the dust.