forests_flickr user dherreraExcellentnews from Washington’s DNR: it will pursue Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for some state forests. (This from the agency once cynically referred to by conservationists as the Department of Nothing Remaining!)

The FSC label is often described as an environmental label—and it is. But FSC standards are just as concerned with workers, and with creating a stable timber economy. So today’s announcement is a boon in many ways.

For folks who have followed this issue, DNR’s announcement is a bit shocking—officials have long resisted arguments, including those from Sightline, to seek FSC approval. So I hope it’s not petty of me to point out that Washington is committing to pursue the FSC label for less than 7 percent of our 2.1 million acres of state-owned forests. That’s not as comprehensive as one might hope, but it is an important start.

Oh, and props to our friends at Washington Environmental Council, among others, who have worked hard on this issue for years.


Mt Rainier photo courtesy of Flickr user KathleenLeavitt under a Creative Commons license