Today’s top story has been in the news for a while now. But an interesting mix of stories make for a thought-provoking package.

Sunday’s Washington Post included an article on the region’s climate-action heroes, California’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and B.C.’s Gordon Campbell, both of whom are right-of-center politicians. Campbell’s story is especially interesting. Conservationists battled him endlessly during his first term as premier on a number of environmental policies.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Schwarzenegger will travel to Vancouver and across Canada in May touting a new green partnership. “There are sexier places,” an Arnold aide told the Chronicle. “But there is a ton of money involved—and we absolutely have to go.” Perhaps they’d rather go to Vegas?

And speaking of the political climate, 180 cities in New Hampshire are mounting a grassroots campaign, voting on a resolution asking the federal government to take action on climate change. The idea is to pressure presidential candidates campaigning there to make the issue a top priority in the 2008 election, the New York Times reports.

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