Some important articles today address the hot issue of renewable energy in the region. Let’s start with the Washington Post, which reports that it takes dams, and big ones at that, to make wind power feasible for the region. (Sorry, all you salmon swimming around out there.)

The Oregonian adds to this angle with two stories on the state’s quest for an innovative energy policy. One summarizes a new report on the limited potential of wind energy—from the Bonneville Power Administration. Another piece looks at how the renewable energy measure—Governor Kulongoski’s no. 1 priority, according to some experts—could increase Oregonians’ electricity bills. (PS: Slate stabs the Oregonian’s leadership in an odd media-critic column today.)

On Tidepool’s front page: Read about Al Gore‘s triumphant return to Congress today—first appearance there since he left office, and a Canadian province breaks ground with an ambitious endangered species law. Also, Bill McKibben writes about the moral imperative of climate change in the Los Angeles Times.

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