Not in our bioregion, but interesting anyway: the L.A. Timesopines that carbon taxes would work better than a cap-and-trade system:

A carbon tax simply imposes a taxfor polluting based on the amount emitted, thus encouraging polluters to clean up and entrepreneurs to come up with alternatives. The taxis constant and predictable. It doesn’t require the creation of a new energy trading market, and it can be collected by existing state and federal agencies. It’s straightforward and much harder to manipulate by special interests than the politicized process of allocating carbon credits.

Note: that’s their opinion, not mine. As for me, I’m confused, and desperately trying to figure out how I feel about carbon taxes vs. cap and trade vs. auctioned credits vs. who-knows-what-else. It’s really, really important stuff, but also (obviously) complicated.

So, dear reader: if you have any comments or preferences you’d like to share here, please do! I’ll promise to read and respond to every one.