I-Sustain Commuter Example 138wWe all know cars take up more space than buses, bikes, or feet (not to mention generate more pollution, etc.). But there’s nothing like visuals to make it real.

This Sunday, I-Sustain, along with regional transportation agencies, is shutting down Seattle’s Second Avenue between Cherry and Marion Streets to do a staged photo demonstration—from 6am to 1pm—of alternative transportation vs. cars They’re looking for 200 volunteers for the shoot. (That’s where you come in. See I-Sustain’s website for details or contact Kristie Maxim.)

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and King Count Exec Ron Sims will be on hand to flex their transportation street cred.

The pictures at left—taken in Scandinavia in the 1970s—tell the story that’s expected to be repeated for Puget Sound. As the photos show, it takes 177 cars to move the same amount of people that can fit in a single bike lane, 2 1/2 buses, or a single light rail train.

It’s good timing in our books, now that Seattle commuters have surprised planners and media alike with a much more adaptable response than expected to the I-5 lane closures.

P.S.—The section of Second was chosen because it’s the only one-way street in Seattle with a bike lane, a bus lane, and the Space Needle in the background.