Climate Communications Checklist

1. SOLUTIONS first
3. VALUES are the glue

  • KC Golden, Climate Solutions: “Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. It’s also the defining opportunity.” (Read more.)
  • Gordon Campbell, Premier, British Columbia, Canada: “Stop procrastinating!”
  • John McCain: “Americans solve problems. We don’t run from them. Cleaner air; greater energy efficiency; a more diverse and secure energy mix, and US leadership in the technologies of the future. There is no doubt; failure to act is the far greater risk.”
  • Senator Barack Obama (IL):Let’s be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil. We can spur the production of more fuel-efficient cars. We can set up a system for capping greenhouse gases. We can turn this crisis of global warming into a moment of opportunity for innovation, and job creation, and an incentive for businesses that will serve as a model for the world. Let’s be the generation that makes future generations proud of what we did here.”
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:”If we raise fuel economy standards in our automobiles by one mile — we generate twice the amount of oil that is in the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee. If we raise fuel economy standards by 7.6 miles per gallon we yield more oil than we now import from the Persian Gulf. We can eliminate 100% of Persian Gulf oil.” — (Read more.)
  • American Energy: “We must meet these twin threats of climate change and oil dependence head-on, with that same spirit of hope and optimism that has characterized our finest hours. We as a nation have the ingenuity, know-how, and determination necessary to create an energy-secure America.” (Read more.)
  • Robert Redford: “Something is happening all across the country. People are coming together and demanding new answers. A grassroots movement is gathering today to promote solutions, like renewable fuels, clean electricity, more efficient cars, and green buildings that use less energy — all of which are exciting alternatives that rebuild our communities even as they cut pollution and create good jobs. And, when people come together to invest themselves in building a better future, we are not only helping to solve our energy crisis, but we are taking back our democracy itself.”
  • John Edwards: “America should be leading the way. We can create at least 1 million new jobs by getting America off its addiction to oil and creating a new energy economy.”
  • Larry Schweiger, President, National Wildlife Federation: “America’s sportsmen are saying we have a moral responsibility to confront global warming to protect our children’s future.” (Read more.)
  • Al Gore: “People all over the world, we need to solve the climate crisis. It’s not a political issue; it’s a moral issue. It is time now for us to recover our moral health in America and stand again to rise for freedom.” (Read more.)
  • Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT): “Montana can and we will lead in clean and green energy for this entire country with our wind power, our biofuels, our solar potential. We are proposing historic and dramatic property tax decreases for companies that build clean and green in Montana. Montana is on the move.” (Read more.)
  • House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi: “The American people also spoke clearly for a new direction here at home. They desire a new vision, a new America built on the values that have made our country great…a new America driven by optimism, opportunity and strength. A new America that seizes the future and forges 21st-century solutions through discovery, creativity and innovation, sustaining our economic leadership and ensuring our national security…  A new America that declares our energy independence, promotes domestic sources of renewable energy and combats climate change. A new America that is strong, secure and a respected leader among the community of nations.” (Read more.)
  • Jimmy Carter: “All the traditions of our past, all the lessons of our heritage, all the promises of our future point to another path, the path of common purpose and the restoration of American values. That path leads to true freedom for our nation and ourselves. We can take the first steps down that path as we begin to solve our energy problem…Energy will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this nation, and it can also be the standard around which we rally. On the battlefield of energy we can win for our nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny.” (Read more.)
  • John Edwards: “With American ingenuity and resolve, we can turn the crisis of global warming into an opportunity — ending our dependence on foreign oil and jumpstarting a new energy economy that embraces innovation, brings rural communities back to life, and creates new, good-paying jobs.”
  • Richard Cizik, National Association of Evangelicals: “The protection of the environment is a Biblically rooted epic task straight from God. We have to be at the forefront of providing energy-efficient green solutions across the board, from autos to heating and air conditioning. We have to show leadership if India and China are to follow. Yet we’re at the back of the line; that’s not American. I’m a Ronald Reagan sunny conservative, and I know for a fact that evangelicals are can-do, solution-oriented entrepreneurs. Environmentalism is the civil-rights issue of the 21st century, and one doesn’t have to look too far back to see that evangelicals sat on their hands when it came to civil rights for blacks. I refuse to sit on my hands and allow the evangelical heritage to be sullied again, because the very reputation of the evangelical witness is at stake. It’s crucial that we not make the mistake of our fathers.”
  • Thomas Peterson, Director, Center for Climate Strategies: “If you do it right … you can save money, create jobs and cut emissions.” (Read more.)
  • Rocky Anderson, mayor, Salt Lake City, UT: “people are starting to understand that good environmental practices, good business practices, and good long-term, sustainable economic development go hand in hand.” (Read more.)
  • US Congressman Jay Inslee (WA): “I believe America is going to have sort of the third wave of industrial progress, because of America’s innovative spirit. We led with the steam engine, we led with the internet, we led with aeronautics, and now we’re going to have the new revolution in energy coming from America. And I believe that it’s America’s destiny to lead the world in new energy technology to solve this problem. When you think about it, think about what America does well, when do we win? What are we really, really good at? We are the greatest innovating society of human history, and that’s a pretty big boast, but it is an accurate one.”
  • Rod Brown, Washington Environmental Council Board Vice President: “Our state has the technical know-how and the committed politicians to provide leadership in fighting global warming. [This] is a great opportunity for our state to take decisive steps towards reducing our global warming pollution. We have the opportunity to set our state on the path towards a healthier climate future.” (Read more.)

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August 29, 2007