A few months ago, Sightline produced the first-ever map showing how Measure 37 claims could lead to an exurban population boom outside of Portland’s growth boundaries (see here). Now, we’ve expanded our analysis to include Oregon’s heartland: the Willamette Valley from Salem to Eugene.

In the map below, each red dot represents 10 new people based on active Measure 37 claims.



This image provides only a glimpse. Bigger and clearer versions are available here, and the whole series can be viewed here.

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  • Here’s the lowdown. In the counties shown on this map, there are more than 1,400 claims to add residences. Even using conservative assumptions, these claims open the door to 17,693 new housing units, almost all in areas outside of current cities and towns. Based on local rates of occupancy and household size, that could mean in excess of 40,000 people moving into exurban areas.

    Here’s the county breakdown:


    county active housing claims new dwelling units new residents
    Benton         122     1,608      3,514
    Lane         291     8,164    17,835
    Linn         436     3,453      8,051
    Marion         398     2,951      7,482
    Polk         183     1,517      3,497


    Click here for the full maps. And check back tomorrow for a look at the Hood River region.

    Thanks to CORE GIS for maps and analysis, and to Deric Gruen for the legwork.