Here’s a look at how Measure 37 sets the stage for nearly unrestrained population growth in the Hood River region’s exurban areas.

In the map below, each red dot represents 10 new people based on active Measure 37 claims.

m37 hood river_258


Bigger and clearer versions are here. And here is an index of all the new Oregon Measure 37 maps.

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  • In the two counties shown here—Hood River and Wasco—there are 254 active claims to add housing. These claims could add 5,718 new housing units and nearly 14,000 new people, almost all of them in areas that are currently open space or farms.

    Here’s the breakdown:


    county active housing claims new dwelling units new residents
    Wasco             41          184           345
    Hood River           213       5,534      13,311


    As the map reveals, there are numerous claims clustered in the Hood River Valley’s prized farmland. (See here for better versions.) Tomorrow, we’ll zoom in for a closer look at the valley.

    Thanks to CORE GIS for maps and analysis, and to Deric Gruen for the legwork.