Cover of Price Tags #92 125wPrice Tags,

the urban design newsletter, just released its 100th issue!


In 2003, Gordon Price produced a two-page text document on the Vancouver Style called Price Tags. Since that October, Price Tags has evolved into a well-read and respected online journal, full of intriguing graphics and fascinating articles.

In the words of Price:

“If there is a repeated theme—the need to pursue more sustainable urban regions—my job was to illustrate the successes and the lessons learned. But not too heavy on the preaching. I try to show how urban history (surveying, streetcars, sprawl) relate to the ways we do things today, connected to real places that are making more progress than often their own citizens realize, from St. Paul to Port Moody.”

 The 100th issue of Price Tags provides a full index of topics covered in issues 1 through 99, complete with links to previous issues (archived on Sightline’s website) and, like all Price Tags, great photos illustrating urban design. Also featured in the 100th issue is an essay by Price, about the evolution of Price Tags.