Maybe you’ve noticed that Clark and I haven’t been blogging as frequently of late. It’s mainly because we’re spending a lot of our time working out the technical details of cap and trade policy, especially as it applies to the Western Climate Initiative (WCI).

I’d hate to leave you with the impression that we’re not up to something. So, for our geekier readership, I give you: Sightline’s comments on the scope of WCI’s cap and trade program. (“Scope” refers to the range of emissions that are covered by the cap, whether it will include coal electricity, natural gas, transportation fuels, landfill methane, industrial emissions, or what have you.) We argue that WCI should include all the sources of emissions that are technically feasible to cover—and especially transportation fuels, the single largest source of emissions in the region.

In the coming months we’ll post more of our wonky stuff here, just in case folks are interested.