Folks in the Seattle area are riding the bus and light rail in record numbers, according to a new study by the American Public Transportation Association, a pro-transit group. The city saw the highest increase in bus usage of any U.S. city this year. Read the study here.

So what’s new about your daily NW news service? Take a look.

We have a new scannable front page of the most important sustainability news headlines. As Sightline Daily’s editor (and formerly Tidepool’s editor), I’m still clocking in at 5 a.m., reading 40 newspapers, and hand-picking the headlines.

 The top 10 picks are on the front page. And the full list of all the day’s news is here.

 We also organize the stories by topic, from energy and climate news, to salmon news, to all the day’s environment news. Or peruse the day’s headlines by region, say British Columbia or Cascadia.

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