This makes me smile:

Thomas Brex …sought a purposeful career in renewable energy. He enrolled in the two-year energy program at Lane Community College and bam, before he could finish his second term he was snapped up by Advanced Energy Systems, a commercial solar energy company that installs massive photo voltaic arrays…

Suddenly, the demand for workers with renewable energy or energy efficiency skills is burgeoning here in Lane County.

That’s right, a reporter uses the word “bam.” 

But that’s not the only good thing.  There’s also all those good jobs at decent wages doing great things for the climate: a few of my favorite things, all wrapped up into one yummy package.

Of course, I may just be looking for a bright spot amidst the dismal economic reports that seem to be coming out daily.  And I think we should all be a little cautious about what the ‘green jobs’ can really accomplish—I’d hate to see the idea over-hyped, and then discounted if it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. 

Still, this sort of news is encouraging, and I’d like to see lots, lots more like it.