Taking a page out of BC’s playbook, the Canadian opposition leader is proposing an audacious and well-structured carbon tax shift.

And in a continuation of the scrambling of left and right about tax shifting, the proposal comes from Canada’s center-left party as an election platform to distinguish it from the governing center-right party (which immediately critized the proposal).

This dynamic exactly reverses the situation in British Columbia, where the carbon tax shift has come from the center-right governing party and the left party is attacking it in its election campaign. (See, for example, this article.)

(In my view, BC’s left party is behaving badly. They’re deceiving voters about the effects of the provincial tax shift on working families and rural residents, and they’re playing on citizens’ fears about taxation. It’s disappointing, especially considering that the same party proudly introduced North America’s first tax shift ever almost a decade ago, with Sightline’s help.)