The economic crisis continues unabated (scroll down to the shocking international list of October stock market losses). New voices keep speaking up.

The case for new federal stimulus spending keeps getting stronger: Robert Reich explains the macroeconomics.

Tom Friedman argues that the economic crisis should not be the end of green. Instead, green should be the way we end the economic crisis:

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  • If Congress passes another stimulus package, it can’t just be another round of $600 checks to go buy flat-screen TVs made in China. It has to also include bridges to somewhere—targeted investments in scientific research, mass transit, domestic clean-tech manufacturing and energy efficiency that will make us a more productive and innovative society, one with more skills, more competitiveness, more productivity and better infrastructure to lead the next great industrial revolution: E.T.—energy technology.

    Grist’s Chip Giller and Dave Roberts outline a stimulus package that includes heavy investments in a smart electric grid, mass transit, and other green infrastructure; an aggressive program to upgrade buildings’ energy performance; and a bold commitment to turbocharging research, development and deployment of carbon-free energy.