Obama urban policyThe US election is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop voting!  The geek-hipsters (or is it hipster-geeks?) at Front Seat just launched a new website that lets you vote on priorities for the Obama administration’s brand-new Office of Urban Policy. 

Users have submitted dozens of ideas—everything from investing in rail, to changing zoning laws to promote walkable development, to reforming systemic pro-highway biases in federal transportation funding.  There are so many good ideas on the list, it’s hard to choose just one—so they actually give you 10 votes, which you can apportion among different ideas as you see fit.

Will the administration pay any attention?  Maybe a bit, if we’re lucky; but the influence will depend on how many people actually vote.  Regardless, it’s always fun to have your say and to see how other folks’ priorities line up with your own.  Right now, rail investments are winning in a landslide.  But there are plenty of other worthy options on the table.

Front Seat is the outfit that created Walk Score—a phenomenally useful website that lets you check out how pedestrian-friendly your neighborhood is.  And since you’re wasting time anyway, you should also check out sister site that lets you have your say on technology priorities for the Obama administration.