cliAttention climate types. Your reading assignment for today is Setting The Record Straight: Responses To Common Challenges To Climate Science. It’s fresh out on the Interwebs as of yesterday, courtesy of the good folks at the Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon.

You’ve heard these challenges before:

“There was some warming earlier in the last century but it stopped in 1998; there is now evidence that the globe is cooling.”

“Over 30,000 scientists have signed the “Oregon petition” that states that human impacts on the climate can’t be reasonably proven.”

“The Hockey Stick graph, which is the basis of global warming theory, has been debunked many times.”

And so on. Blah, blah, blah. There are a bunch others too, of course.

You’ll find the answers here, approved by leading climate experts. But in a big departure from “leading climate expert-ese” this summary is short and fully comprehensible to a lay audience. Sure, it could cover more ground—and perhaps a later edition will—but it’s already a great contribution.