Segway PUMAI’m letting my geek flag fly here…but I gotta confess, I love this thing.

The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project [a partnership between GM and Segway]…will seek to develop a self balancing two-wheeled vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 35 mph—well above the Segway’s 12 mph top speed—for 35 miles.

I have no idea if this is actually going to catch on.  Probably not.  (Remember when the Segway was the future of transportation?)  Still, in my view it’s got two things going for it.  First, it’s a great reminder that the way we currently envision motorized transportation—dominated by vehicles that outweigh us by an order of magnitude—isn’t the only solution that’s possible. 

And second, it reminds me of the future I envisioned as a child.  (Go Go Gadget…Dorkmobile!!)