Three Degrees Conference LogoNext weekend there’s quite an impressive lineup at the University of Washington School of Law. From photographers to bloggers, and all types in between, the Three Degrees conference is bringing together a great body of minds to talk about climate change and human rights.

The brief details:

  • When: Thursday May 28 and Friday May 29
  • Where: University of Washington School of Law

Find out more about the lineup, topics, and cost here.

PS. We want to give a shout-out to the conference organizers, UW law students Jeni Krencicki Barcelos and Jen Marlow, who spent a summer doing excellent research work for Sightline and Washington Environmental Council. If the 2009 Washington legislature had gotten serious about cap and trade then their excellent work on the legal mechanics of dividends and rebates would no doubt be in the spotlight now.

PPS. Also props to Sightline friends Alex Steffan and Yoram Bauman who are among the excellent lineup of speakers.