After much consideration we have chosen the best of the best from our readers’ submitted photos on Sightline’s Flickr Photopool. This month’s winner is ‘Simone de Beauvoir Passerelle’ courtesy of Gordon Price. The Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir is a lens-shaped bridge in Paris that spans 350 feet over the Seine River. We love the fact that this steel bridge is exclusively built for pedestrians and bicyclists to access multiple levels of the embankment at either end.


Here are some interesting facts about this structure:

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    • It was the thirty-seventh bridge opened on the Seine River.
    • The center span of the bridge has no support in the water, taking the form of a combined suspension and arch structure.
    • The footbridge connects the Bercy Gardens and the National Library of France.
    • The area in the middle is designed to accommodate exhibitions, kiosks and second-hand booksellers.
    • The geometry of this bridge reduces shearing.

    Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! It sure wasn’t easy picking the winning photo, but we enjoyed scanning all of the wonderful photos our dedicated readers have submitted.

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