Columbia River GorgeA new, nonprofit investigative news site officially launched this week. InvestigateWest aims to:

“provide high-quality investigative journalism about environmental, health and social justice issues across the West. InvestigateWest is a nonprofit investigative journalism studio that will distribute its work online, in print and on radio and TV stations.” 

This is great news for the region given the shrinking number of news publications and the always-diminishing numbers of staff at the outlets that remain.

  • Our work is made possible by the generosity of people like you!

    Thanks to David Secord for supporting a sustainable Cascadia.

  • With climate change warming and drying the Northwest, lawmakers struggling to figure out how to deal with a new energy landscape, millions of dollars being invested in clean technology and green-collar jobs, an ever-growing population, and countless other crucial issues playing out in the region we call Cascadia, having more eyes on the ground keeping track of how this all plays out is tremendously important.  

    InvestigateWest’s staff is mostly comprised of former Seattle Post-Intelligencer staff (of which my co-editor Jen Langston and I used to be part), including some of the most talented folks from the P-I

    Right now InvestigateWest is running news blogs written by its staff, with original investigative news coming very soon.

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    Columbia River Gorge photo courtesy of Flickr user WAstateDNRunder the Creative Commons license.