citygoroundCheck it out: City-Go-Round, the transit app index to rule them all, created by our friends who did Walkscore.

City-Go-Round has transit apps from cities from around North America. It’s live now, with transit data for the Northwest’s biggest cities — Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver — but also for a bunch of smaller cities too. No matter where you are*, City-Go-Round will let you figure out when the bus arrives or which subway to take.

* I lied. It does matter where you are because many transit agencies do not make their data public. (Hello, New York?) Even in the Northwest there are a range of smaller cities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington that do not currenty share their data, which means that their transit riders can’t benefit from timely and easily accessible information.

If you want to do a good deed today, go bug your local transit agency to make its data public. The list of bad guys includes Washington State Ferries, Salem Area Mass Transit District, the Vancouver Skytrain, and a bunch of others. Take a look here to see if your local transit provider is sharing its data.