worldchangingWorldchanging founder and all-around smart guy Alex Steffen recently did a pair of talks at Seattle’s Town Hall. The topic was one that’s near and dear to our hearts:

Cities are the fulcrum point we can use to leverage that vision into reality. Alex explained that the powerful forces of urbanization and the global spread of knowledge (forces that some see as a symptoms of unsustainability) may in fact be the very tools we need to build highly prosperous, ecologically low-impact lives. If we can develop a model of bright green urban living that makes very low-impact prosperity a reality now in the rich countries, we will create the building-block innovations that will help people in poorer countries replicate our rise to wealth without replicating our disastrous ecological footprints.

Where should we start? Wherever we are.

But now you can do better than read my blog post about it: you can go watch the videos for yourself

(You can also read Emily Knudsen’s two-part interview with Alex—which we published here on the blog—here and here.)