Grandmother attending young people's marching band rehearsalThe gist: In 2008 and again in 2009, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance used focus groups and online surveys to determine the values-based messages about the need for affordable housing that resonate with typical Washington voters.

From focus groups in the 4 most populous counties in the state, and a statewide survey, the following messages rose to the top:

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, decent, affordable home.
  • It should be possible for working people to afford housing and still have enough money for the basics like groceries and child care.
  • Children deserve the opportunity to succeed in school and life, which all begins with their family being able to afford a decent place to live.
  • It’s better for our communities, the environment, and families if people can afford to live close to where they work.

Click here to download the messaging one-pager from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance>>

February 5, 2010