While Seattle gets itself all in a lather over the nude cyclists at the Fremont Solstice Parade, Portland’s Pedalpalooza—which kicks off tomorrow—has, count ’em, three separate events dedicated to cycling in the buff, including a 16-mile ride done Lady Godiva style.

There are also plenty of family friendly and more practical events planned for Pedalpalooza’s two-plus weeks of “bikey fun.” It includes bike camping 101, yoga on bikes, and bike tours of tiny homes and ecoroofs.

And if you’re in Vancouver, BC, it’s not too late to catch the last few days of Velopalooza, a similar sort of affair for BC bike lovers, including, that’s right, another nude ride!

Admittedly, I’m not a cyclist in any way, but I’ve ridden on bikes and can recall the uncushioned, narrow seats and am left wondering: where does the seemingly global appeal of nude riding come from?!

Bike photo used under the Creative Commons license from Flickr user Red Bat.