Over in a different corner of the web, Eric de Place has a new Twitter feed wherein he uses 140 characters to list tax loopholes that would be near-impossible to remove under I-1053. A few examples:

  • $11 million tax break for private airplane owners.
  • Estimated $5 million for Wyoming coal burned by Canadian multinational in Centralia. Biggest GHG polluter in WA.
  • $217,000 in sales tax exemption so “Big Chicken” can replace older hens with “genetically improved” chicks
  • Tax-free status for laser interferometer gravitational wave observatories. (Phew!)

You get the idea. Every year, Washington loses around $15 billion via 567 tax loopholes. If Tim Eyman and BP’s I-1053 passes, the power to protect those loopholes would be given to the hand of just 17 senators–making it a lot easier for special interests to keep the tax code just how they like it.

If you’re on Twitter, follow @WATaxLoopholes. If you’re not, take a look anyways and pass it along.