Before I go off to lick my wounds (perhaps in beautiful San Juan County, the only county in the state of Washington that followed Sightline’s advice and voted “no” on I-1053), I want to point out one thing.

Voters approved this undemocratic, unconstitutional, unfair, oil-industry Trojan Horse by 64 percent to 36 percent, but they didn’t vote for it by a wide enough margin to approve it under its own math. It didn’t get two-thirds of the votes, yet it imposes that test on the state legislature. One-third of legislators in either house in Olympia can now block the closure of any tax loophole or the collection of any new revenue.

Under Oregon’s constitution, it would have failed, despite its landslide victory. Oregon rules say that new supermajority requirements must win approval of the supermajority they specify. In Oregon, to impose a two-thirds voting requirement on the legislature, two-thirds of voters have to agree.

Unfair: minority rule by majority vote.